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Welcome to Borstal Online. The first online publication focused on the people of Borstal. 

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Tim Joiner 

Editor In Chief

I'm delighted to be a part of the people of Borstal. We have come a long way from 52 acres of wood and two water mills. Borstal is an invaluable part of the City of Rochester. The kindness and genuine community spirt of the local people must be celebrated and protected from the impact of negative outcomes of events like the Covid-19 pandemic. That is why the Borstal Online publication exist to ensure that Borstal Communities are not left behind, to make sure that they thrive and that they are supported and given equality of opportunities to succeed. Borstal Online will be about you the people of Borstal and how together we can make our part of Rochester a vibrant, prosperous and safe place to be. Contact info@borstalonline.co.uk to share your stories or tell us what is important to you. I look forward to building a great future together. 

Borstal Online: Supporting local business, creating  oppotunity and building communities

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